Der Münchener Bildhauer JC Leopold ergründet immer wieder Gegensätze und Dualismen

wie weiches Material mit roher Bearbeitung, Oben und Unten, Innen und Außen,

Tier- Mensch, Stärke und Verletzlichkeit oder eben Hand und Fuß.

Er arbeitet mit ganz unterschiedlichen Materialien, bevorzugt aber Gefundenes, von Gebrauchsspuren gezeichnetes oder auch weniger Übliches wie z.B. Schaumstoff.


Eröffnung: 05. Mai 2017 ab 19 Uhr

galerie mehrkunstverein, hochstr. 268, 56077 ko-ehrenbreitstein





JC Leopold’s practice aims to get to the bottom of dualisms and contradictions such as soft material and raw treatment, strength and vulnerability, above and below, inside and outside, human and non-human, hand and foot. He prefers working with found materials, especially if they show traces of usage and wear, but also utilizes contemporary materials such as foam and polystyrene in his installations and sculptures. JC Leopold’s his work deals with the futility and ephemerality of existence. Material, from which human extremities are cut out, will fall to dust in the course of time, just as human beings themselves, or the buildings that were built to protect us from the environment and danger. Knowing all this, he nevertheless tries to encounter the absurdity of the world with resilient humour.

Trained as a stone mason and sculptor, Lake Constance, based in Munich                           www.kunstimbiss.de


































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